Could you survive on only R1 700 per month?

This is the harsh reality for every South African social pensioner. It’s all they have to pay for a place to live, food, medical expenses, clothes, transport, and anything else that they might need. After a lifetime of working, many of these old people are stripped of their dignity and become victims of loneliness, destitution, abuse, illness and depression. Our mission at the Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) is to restore dignity, respect and life-affordability to social pensioners.


NOAH enables social pensioners to remain active, independent and purposeful in their homes and communities for as long as possible through the provision of communal housing, primary health care, social support and social enterprise development.


NOAH was established in 1981 by Catholic Welfare & Development, in response to the need for safe, affordable accommodation for the elderly poor. Starting with one communal home for social pensioners, this holistic model of support now ensures that over 730 social pensioners are able to continue to lead purposeful and dignified lives.


Our Vision: Home, Health & Happiness for every social pensioner

Your donations has helped us reach approximately


The number of social pensioners NOAH provides a range of services to every year.


Independent communal living homes for more than 100 fit social pensioners in the greater Cape Town area.


Primary Health Care clinics offering bi-weekly doctors’ clinics with a focus on preventative and promotive health services for approximately 440 members.


Community centres offering financial support (including social enterprise development), social support, wellness support, access to information, and referrals to approximately 150 members.