Companionship and community are the driving forces behind NOAH’s work. We believe togetherness fosters happiness and wellbeing. The Woodstock and Khayelitsha community centres provide invaluable support to social pensioners, often the only income earner and sole caregiver of grandchildren.


Social support – praise & worship, peer group support, arts & crafts, cultural exchanges, outings, choir, library services, awareness talks, games and events

Wellness support – meals, nutritional support, advice, workshops, exercises, referrals

Financial support – savings cooperatives and income generating projects through our social enterprise development (SED) programme


For more information on the Woodstock centre, please contact Bernie at bernie@noah.org.za or 0214476334.

For more information on the Khayelitsha centre, please contact Sinah at sinah@noah.org.za or 0213613320 or 0796759768.