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NOAH has a detailed Sustainability Strategy in order to ensure that the organisation works in the most cost-effective way, is generating more of its own income, is well positioned for donor funding and builds reserves. The aim is for NOAH to be operating within budget and generating 50% of its own income by 2023.


Monitoring & Evaluation

NOAH has an annual strategic plan, an annual budget, and a Monitoring & Evaluation system in place based on a logical framework model. In 2018, beneficiary interviews were completed in order to illustrate the NOAH Theory of Change. An annual audit is conducted by HG Chartered Accountants and all compliance requirements in terms of the NPO Directorate and South African Revenue Service are met timeously.


Health & Safety

NOAH is in the process of implementing a health and safety programme throughout the organisation to ensure compliance and regular oversight in order to mitigate risk and ensure the safety of beneficiaries and staff.



Board members: Lorna Olckers (Chairperson), Jacqui Setoaba (Deputy Chairperson), Janine Marks (Treasurer), Dee Wills (Secretary), Anthony Sellmeyer, Prof David Coetzee, Jeanette Baadjies, Katlego Nkgudi, Fr Audecius Tindinwebwa



NPO Number: 117-542VAT number: 4020265601Tax Clearance | PBO Number: 930040862

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