Our NOAH houses

An ordinary house in an ordinary street in an ordinary area where the elderly can live safe, dignified, and independent lives as part of their local community.

Residents share bedrooms, with access to bathrooms as well as the communal living room and kitchen. Residents also shop and cook for themselves. The cost of electricity is shared, as are all the household tasks. Out of their pension, they pay a nominal rent, a share of utility costs, and a clinic fee, leaving the balance of their pension money to cover food and personal needs.

Our NOAH clubs

NOAH Clubs operate in both Woodstock and Khayelitsha.  A social pensioner can join by paying R22 per month.

Members meet several times each week at the NOAH premises which is also where the clinics are based. For safety and mobility in Khayelitsha they are collected and returned home by a NOAH vehicle.

The Khayelitsha club programme begins with morning tea and a sandwich, followed by exercises, lively social interaction, income generating activities, healthcare talks, arts and crafts, occasional outings and complementary health therapies, as well as access to the clinic. They also receive a nutritious lunch.

In Woodstock, members are able to access similar services around companionship, outings, psycho-social support and voluntary membership to our many social enterprises.

Our NOAH Clinics

Older persons do not receive much-needed specialised treatment in the over-burdened State health system. Furthermore, they are expected to wait in long queues, are seldom examined by a doctor and receive no assistance with medication and compliance. They often live in a state of great anxiety regarding their health with constant feelings of being unwell.

This, together with a rapidly ageing, mostly poor population will result in decreased wellness, increased cost and dependency on the State and greater levels of neglect, chronic disease and premature death.

The NOAH Primary Health Clinics in Woodstock and Khayelitsha are exemplary models of accessible, affordable and first rate primary health care for social pensioners. This is evidenced by the rapidly growing patient numbers, reduced emergencies and reported increases in wellbeing.

The bi-weekly GP clinics provide essential primary health care services to our members on a booked appointment basis. Oversight is provided by NOAH’s Health Manager (a registered nurse) and two clinic assistants.

Health advice and awareness is offered, and assistance with dietary and medication compliance is ongoing. In addition NOAH provides therapeutic massage, podiatry and physiotherapy with professional practitioners, as well as access to Dementia support.

Our members' stories are our story

None of our residents, club or clinic members sit back and just take the benefits of what our supporters provide through NOAH services.

They make it their business to contribute through voluntary participation in several income generating projects – and they love doing it.

These projects include The Clothing Bank, NOAH Loaves (breadmaking), NOAH Soap, NOAH Spaza shop, NOAH Take-away, the NOAH Trestle Table shop, NOAH Spaza,  NOAH Candles and NOAH Arts and Crafts.