September Appeal


What do they fear most?

It could be generally said that death is the greatest human fear.

But, talk to many elderly people, and you’ll hear something different:

‘Loneliness, being abandoned and isolated is greater than my fear of death. Everyone has forgotten me and moved on. I’ve become invisible to the world, and no longer have an identity or any usefulness. I long for family, for touch, to have someone care about me and let me care in return’

For those old people suffering emotions like these, add the very real prospect of homelessness, and you’ll truly understand how much your donation to NOAH – made by clicking here – can make a difference. And perhaps you’d even like to donate again, right now.

For every resident at our NOAH houses, that fear has been removed – thanks to compassionate and generous friends like you.

And each one of them is deeply grateful to you.

NOAH means ‘family and friends’ and your support makes you both ‘extended family, and friend’. Please will you click here now to make your donation and show how much you care. Thank you.