Social Enterprise Development


Social Enterprise Development (SED) has become increasingly important for three main reasons:

  • Creating opportunities for social pensioners to generate additional monthly income for themselves and their families, and for social cohesion
  • Generating income and sustainability for NOAH. An NPO’s ability to generate its own income has not only become necessary, but critical in a tough fiscal environment.
  • Changing perceptions: in an ’anti-ageing’ world few people have a positive view on ageing and even less believe that social pensioners are able to make a contribution to society, let alone the economy. Yet, SED de-bunks this myth and we are seeing “poor” social pensioners turning their lives around through income generation. Not only does it provide them with extra income, it also contributes to the costs of the Centre, their families and the local community

NOAH has seven SED projects:

  • NOAH Spaza
    The NOAH Spaza Shop provides bulk discounts on staple food items and non-perishable groceries such as rice, milk, porridge and oil to its members and the surrounding community in Site B, Khayelitsha. The NOAH Spaza provides an essential support to the members of the NOAH Khayelitsha club by providing food security for them and their families. Airtime, electricity and payment of accounts via Flash is also offered at the Spaza.
    The NOAH Spaza is run by committed NOAH Club members who earn a commission on the sales they make.Opening hours: 8 am until 2 pm, five days a week.
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  • NOAH Take-Away
    The NOAH Take Away sells delicious and affordable food five days a week, Monday to Friday, 9 am until 2 pm.
    Toasted sandwiches, soup, delicious Cape Malay delights such as curry and rotis and traditional curries and vetkoek with mince are served daily. A ‘Dish of the day’ is served on a Friday and can be pre-ordered.
    Our newest social enterprise also offers top class catering for events at competitive prices.
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    (Updated weekly)
    For information on the Friday Dish of the day, please contact

The following is a testimony from one of our happy regular clients
“Our Company CCI-GrowthCon order lunch from NOAH for our monthly meetings. What we have experienced so far are enjoyable, traditional meals that reminds one of a good home made meal that you would have at your Grandmother. Made with love.
The portions are substantial and we would recommend anyone to give it a try.” – Karen Duffy

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Take Away
Take Away
  • NOAH LoavesNOAH bakers produce delicious bread, rolls and vetkoek in Khayelitsha and Woodstock daily.Freshly baked bread and rolls, made from the finest Swartland flour, is available for sale every day, Monday to Friday.
  • NOAH Trestle Table
    Donated clothing, furniture, bric ‘n brac, household items, linen, building material, sporting goods, shoes and accessories, toys and books are sold to the community from the driveway in Woodstock. All donations received are recorded, priced and sent to the shop for sale.
    The Trestle Table provides employment and income for nine social pensioners, an income for the organisation as well as inexpensive and quality items to the community. We use everything we receive. That which we cannot sell we pass on to other charitable organisations and scrap dealers – a real community eco-system!Corporate clear outs
    NOAH provides a clear out service to corporates and small businesses who require their storerooms to be cleared, free of charge. At no cost to you, friendly NOAH staff will sort, remove and transport all items that you no longer require. No job is too big or too small.
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Trestle Table
  • NOAH Candles
    Discarded and donated wax is used to make beautiful, new candles.
    NOAH currently produces standard white pillar and votive candles from recycled wax with an average burning time of 12 hours. Bespoke candles can also be made to order at competitive prices. We also produce a range of personalised candles for special events such as weddings, birthdays and communions.
  • NOAH Soap
    Discarded and gently used soap from leading hotels is renewed, reused and made in to new bars of soap. This is done by chopping the soap in to cubes and suspending the soap in brand new high quality glycerine. The project currently offers 4 ranges:
      • 50g luxury bar @R12
      • 25g hospitality bar @R4
      • Soap Bag made from 100 % crocheted cotton which acts as a gentle loofah filled with soap pieces @R12
      • Soap bag refills @R 3
      • Laundry flakes @R2

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  • NOAH Clothing Bank
    The Clothing Bank empowers women through enterprise development so that they can become financially and socially independent. In partnership with The Clothing Bank, seven social pensioners sell high quality clothing and accessories to their communities and networks.