How to help

There is no donation too small to make a difference in people’s lives.

NOAH has a range of ways for you to make a significant difference in the lives of more than 700 social pensioners:

1. Buy our Products!

Bread, jams, pickles, candles, soap, ballet buns or second hand items from our shop.

(See our products on the Social Enterprise page or email to find out more

2. Donate funds to NOAH by way of Snapscan, EFT, debit order or cheque. NOAH will provide a Section 18a certificate on request.

3. Donate your unwanted goods, overruns, returns, clothing samples, fabric pieces, cotton and surplus food, amongst other!

4. Corporate/Foundation giving:

Special projects for 2017:

* Extension of the Grace Cottage to accommodate four more residents

* Renovation of the cornershop to house the upscaled Trestle Table

* Introduction of a TukTuk in Woodstock to help older persons in their homes access services and transport routes(launching 16 August!)

* Renovation of the Khayelitsha Centre(in progress)

* Renovation of the Khayelitsha Clinic(in progress)

* Cover the Woodstock Centre driveway for use as an indoor market – Done!

* Crate a Spaza hatch at the Khayelitsha Centre(In progress)


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