It begins with dignity

When they’re old, and poor, people are also often stripped of their human dignity.  But we’rehoping  that you share our belief that everyone deserves dignity.


When in need of medical care and treatment, we can make an appointment with our doctor. It’s very personal.


Without this privilege, disadvantaged people have to queue for many hours at a state hospital. They’re often not seen for days on end, and as you can imagine, the overloaded and under-resourced health system easily falls short.


Many of our residents have chronic conditions, along with other problems that come with old age. And that’s why we pay for them to have private appointments with a committed doctor.


Even though the price of these appointments is greatly reduced by normal standards, the cost still weighs heavily on our budget. Knowing your spirit of generosity, we’re hoping that you’ll click alongside here now to send your ‘gift of health and dignity’ to pensioners in 2018.


Health can’t be bought, but it can be preserved with quality care. So please make your online donation on this page. Thank you, so much.




How you can help

In whichever way you might like to consider becoming part of our ‘NOAH family’, please make yourself known to Anne Dobson, NOAH Director, at  We’d love to show you around, introduce you to our residents and club members, and let you see for yourself the very real differences that you can make in the lives of our social pensioners.

By caring for our elderly, we honour our heritage, as well as giving thanks and respect for how our country’s seniors have contributed to our world.

Financial donations

NOAH depends heavily on the financial support of donors.

Financial donations can be made online by credit card, debit card (an instant electronic funds transfer), or by direct deposit.

That ‘once-off’ donation will do something special, but a secured monthly contribution will take ‘special’ to ‘exceptional’ so that (for budgeting purposes) we can rely on that amount coming in regularly.

A bequest in your will

A bequest is a gift to the future which costs you nothing now. It can also take many forms – a sum of money, a percentage of your estate, shares or ceded insurance policies, property, items of value, etc. If you already have an existing will, a bequest to NOAH can easily be made by adding a Codicil. All communications related to bequests are treated in strictest confidence, and it would be our privilege to discuss the possibility with you.

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