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Warm an old person’s heart this winter

Winter’s been a long time coming, but now it’s here in Cape Town in full force.

At our Khayelitsha clinic, whatever the season, our elderly residents line up for their turn to see the clinic sister or doctor and get their medication. With winter here it’s heart-breaking to see how cold they get while they wait in the queue. We try to make their wait as comfortable as possible, but our budget doesn’t stretch to buying extra blankets that can be passed from one elderly patient to the next one waiting in line.

Also, having enough wood to keep the Khayelitsha centre warm with a fire in the fireplace will be such a wonderful comfort.

Please, will you be part of our winter warmth campaign to make your online donation now?

And if we can also buy some wool, our residents will be able to knit cosy scarves for themselves. It’ll also give them something to keep them busy on cold days when they’re stuck inside.

Whatever you donate by clicking here will help to warm their old and aching bodies are worn down from a lifetime of hard work. But more than that – whatever you give will warm the hearts of these ‘forgotten’ members of our Cape Town society.

So please will you be part of our winter warmth campaign – and make your online donation here, and then ask others to join you?

And may your own heart be warmed by your kindness.

How you can help

Your support is invaluable and deeply appreciated; without which NOAH could not provide the essential services required. Please do not hesitate to be in contact with us: come and visit us, buy our products, give us feedback, meet our members, donate your used goods, make a donation, volunteer your services…

By caring for our older persons, we honour our heritage and give restitution to those who have supported, contributed and suffered, and who are now vulnerable and in need of support.

Donations in Kind

Donations of clothing, bric a brac, household items, equipment, sporting goods, building materials and non-perishable food items help to support our beneficiaries directly and through their income generating projects.

Financial donations

NOAH depends on the financial support of donors. Financial donations may be made online via credit card, EFT or by direct deposit:

Neighbourhood Old Age Homes

Standard Bank Mowbray (024909)

Current Account 070868646

Every ‘once-off’ donation makes a significant difference, and a monthly contribution helps us to make adequate provision for the long term. 

A bequest in your will

A bequest is a gift to the future which costs you nothing now. It can also take many forms – a sum of money, a percentage of your estate, shares or ceded insurance policies, property, items of value, etc. If you already have an existing will, a bequest to NOAH can easily be made by adding a Codicil. All communications related to bequests are treated in strictest confidence, and it would be our privilege to discuss the possibility with you.

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