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We were so worried . . .


The generosity of people like you has always meant that our Cape town elderly are cared for within their community. Now, we’re asking you to be even more generous.


It’s been a great relief to get the good news from the City of Cape Town that they’ll deliver potable water to our NOAH houses once or twice a week. BUT we have to provide the storage.


It’s a huge ask, and we urgently need your help now to buy and install storage tanks at each of our 11 houses.


Please will you help? It’s as easy as clicking here now to make your secure online donation.


As long ago as 1624, English Poet John Donne penned these words: ‘No man is an island.’  We’re all part of one another.


In the water crisis that the Western Cape is facing right now, these words should resonate with each one of us. Water isn’t just for ‘me’.  Water is for ‘each one of us’. Please will you be generous when you make your donation by clicking here?

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