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NOAH Health

The NOAH Primary Health Clinics in Woodstock and Khayelitsha are exemplary models of accessible, affordable and first rate primary health care for social pensioners.

Older persons often battle a variety of ailments, sometimes difficult to diagnose accurately. In the over-burdened state system, they can be expected to wait in long queues, are seldom examined by a doctor and receive little to no assistance with medication and compliance. They often live in a state of great anxiety regarding their health with constant feelings of being unwell or even pain.


The NOAH Primary Health Care model is based on the South Africa Older Persons’ Act to keep older persons active in their communities for as long as possible. Preventing or delaying the onset of costly chronic diseases, and their implications, is critical to achieving this goal.


The weekly clinics offer a booked appointment at least four times per year and are run by a doctor and NOAH’s Health Manager (a registered nurse) and clinic assistants. Pensioners have access to health advice and awareness, assistance with dietary and medication compliance as well as dementia support. NOAH also provides support services such as physiotherapy, podiatry and therapeutic massage.


NOAH has a partnership with the Samson Institute for Ageing research (SIFAR) to improve patient assessments.


For more information, contact Sister Delia at

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