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Updated: May 5, 2021

In February we told you how our residents were desperate to assist unemployed and hungry people with meals.

An industrial food processor, disposable packaging and utensils were required to feed 70 people every week day with soup or stew and a sandwich.

Well, we are thrilled to tell you, that due to your incredible generosity, the feeding project kicked off on 15 March and 100 people are now being fed every week day!! This includes our members, the extended vulnerable community PLUS 20 children a day from our local school - St Agnes Primary school.

Velma and Valda (our Community Kitchen Manager and Assistant), prepare the meals with their team of six resident NOAH volunteers. The generous funds received allowed us to buy all the disposable packaging, utensils, as well as the industrial food processor which has revolutionised the kitchen team’s life! The time it takes to chop the mountains of vegetables every day has been reduced dramatically allowing the team to work efficiently and cost-effectively.

Seeing the streams of people benefitting from this feeding project has been very humbling for all concerned. Our volunteers are proud to be a part of the solution.

“It has been a real eye-opener to see the need out there and step in to help.”

Ron, NOAH resident and feeding project volunteer

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