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Giving the elderly easy access to food

We know that for many, even considered materially fortunate, this is a time of great uncertainty, distress and confusion. Our prayer for you is that you are in good health and that you feel safe with loved ones and family. Thank you for reading this mail and appeal.

We need your help to keep our most vulnerable safe – our elderly in Khayelitsha.

Mrs. Elizabeth Mapala is a Khayelitsha Club member and lives with her family. She, and most of our members, are struggling with food security during the lockdown. Thankfully, our Khayelitsha Manager, Sinah George, continues to make home visits to all 75 members to check on their safety and health status.

Many, like Mrs. Mapala, have reported that standing in queues for their essentials is extremely difficult for them. Queues are long and costs are high to pay for transport home. Coupled with their dwindling pensions shared with their families, they feel the dire consequences of the National Lockdown. Many of their dependent family members are now without income, putting additional pressure on their meager pensions.

NOAH would like to respond by operating a Food Depot at our Khayelitsha Centre. We will stock our centrally located Depot with essential food items such as rice, long-life milk, samp and beans, tinned goods, oil and other essentials and make this available to all of our members, their families and the other elderly in the community. They would also be able to purchase data, airtime and electricity. Even if the lockdown ends next week, these resources will still be urgently needed.

This would save them having to stand in long queues, lower their chances of infection and save them the cost of transport. It would also alleviate the enormous pressure they are under to make their pension last until the end of the month.

Having received their pensions on 30th March, most will have approximately R 1200 to last them another three weeks until their pensions are paid out. This amounts to R 59.33 a day to feed up to six people daily, buy electricity and see to their health needs.

Please help us to stock our Food Depot with the essentials to help them have access to nutritious food, buy electricity and say healthy. Any amount is welcome. Click here to support our project.

Our elderly are most vulnerable. Help us save their lives.

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