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Heartwarming words from fantastic supporters

Today we received an amazing message from our friends at Braver Apparel. They kindly agreed to let us relay their message.


We want to thank you, for the incredible selfless work and support you give to the legends of our society.

Donations to follow

We are so happy to have started being able to make donations from the BE BETTER campaign we are running.

Todays' donation is 1st of what we hope to be much more, as we will continue to promote this campaign for as long as we can to help you in any way we can.

As soon as we have another batch of orders in we will be sending the next donation 🤗

Why we chose you

I've attached the stories we posted that are a part of the campaign to give a bit of context as to who this campaign is supporting.

On top of that though, the more personal reason we wanted to donate to NOAH is because our parents, both in their late 70's now, are supported by us, their children, but if we were not able to pay towards their living expenses monthly they would need to rely on an organization like yours to survive on only their pensions. This resonates with us deeply, we know how difficult / near to impossible it is to live off of a pensions and it's a reality we can't ignore with our own parents.

In turn this very tiny company of ours, Braver Apparel, is run by Karen and myself (Astrid) sisters, and without this company running we are not able to support them. Our parents have also worked hard all their lives but don't have the "finances" to show for that, and from the highest respect for their years of work they, like the legends you support, deserve to live as decently as we can have them live in their golden years.

Your words of "love and kindness is a virus we catch from you" fills our hearts.

We want to continue in being able to help where and however we can when we get to being beyond COVID-19.

We would love to visit and meet with you eventually when it's an option again too and see how and where we can volunteer to be a bit more a part of your family too.

Honestly, thank you for your work.

We send love and respect and will continue to push our campaign to help in any way we can.

We wish you and all remain safe and healthy,

Astrid and Karen Schwarz 🐻 🐻

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