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Introducing: Selling Seconds!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Looking for a top quality pre-loved outfit, piece of furniture, or an appliance at a bargain price? Come and support our recently revamped second hand shop – Selling Seconds!

Thanks to the generous support of the Old Mutual Foundation and an individual donor, our second-hand shop has just been refreshed, revamped and renewed.

Fresh paint, a new interior layout, fixed clothing rails, state of the art point-of-sale and professional signage has been combined with top quality, pre-loved merchandise to offer an exciting and worthwhile shopping experience.

The shop was re-launched on 16 August 2021 and we celebrated record-breaking sales in our first month! The success of the shop means that we can channel some of the much needed funds into NOAH’s programmes.

Thank you to Claire Ryan and Jacqui Lanning for the design inspiration and Annemieke Doyle for her energy and vision. We bid farewell to our outgoing Shop Manager, Melja Eccles at the end of June after 5 years of dedicated service. We wish Melja all the best for her retirement and more time with her grandchildren!

How can you support the new shop?

Please continue to send us your previously loved clothes, furniture and appliances! To make sure the shop is less cluttered and customers are assured of a good quality offering we have implemented tighter measures around the donations we accept, namely:

  • Clothes and shoes: clean and in the best possible condition please

  • Appliances: must be in working order please as we don't have the manpower to fix - and no DSTV decoders as they cannot be used

  • Furniture: in good saleable condition.

Visit us at 19 Regent Street, Woodstock and contact or call 021 447 6334 should you need us to collect a donation.

We look forward to your visit. Opening hours: 9 am until 3pm, Monday to Friday.

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