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It’s raining fruit and veg

It’s so exciting! After only 2 years since the home gardens were initiated at all our community houses in and around Cape Town, they are yielding loads of fruit and vegetables every month.

Between October and December, a whopping 133 kilograms of produce was grown! Special congratulations to St Joseph’s House in Stellenbosch and Ida Burger House in Elsie’s River that harvested 55kg and 21.5kg respectively.

These veggie gardens provide great pleasure and satisfaction to members as they work in the garden and reap the rewards, not to mention the enormous savings to the household food bill.

Can you help us grow this valuable enterprise?

There is an ongoing need for potting soil, fertiliser and gardening implements like spades, hoes, wheel-barrows, etc. If you can help at all please contact Jane on 021 447 6334 or

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