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Monthly givers rock!

We like to keep things circulating in the NOAH economy and the Christmas gifts delivered to our monthly donors was evidence of this.

Home-made scones and orange marmalade jam (made by NOAH residents) was hand delivered by our Individual Donor Manager (IDP), Bonny Diener. This gave Bonny the opportunity to personally meet with our monthly givers. Bonny shared her wonderful experiences of meeting you all and we hope you enjoyed it too!

Committed monthly donations are appreciated as it provides NOAH with predictable income that we can rely on. Should you wish to donate monthly to NOAH please call or email Every little bit helps and adds up to make a big difference.

Best feet forward

We are now fully equipped to offer our elders foot care as part of their clinic visit due to the invaluable training provided by Dr Bev Schietzer.

NOAH staff members, Luleka Skilly and Almina Mgwali, were educated in basic foot care, as well as on how to identify foot problems and abnormalities. This means that potential problems can be spotted early on and referred on to our doctor for further treatment. 37 diabetic sufferers who are most at risk, have been upskilled in basic foot care too!

Our grateful thanks

Bernard van Rooyen, NOAH resident and valuable Selling Seconds team member, has worked for most of his life as a handyman. He uses his vast experience in maintenance and general repair work to fix cupboards, change lights, repair broken furniture, and even fix toilets. Huge thanks to Bernard for his hard work – it is a great cost saving to have his in-house skills.

Elke Frantz, a loyal donor, generously donated her father’s baby clothing to Selling Seconds. Born in 1914, his baby clothes have been kept in pristine condition for over 100 years!

Thank you, Elke, for sharing them with us. We know they will make a family very happy!

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