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NOAH at work in times of sanitary crisis

I have realised that whilst COVID-19 was initially seen as a major disruption to our work, it has quickly become integral to our operations and our existence.

But just two weeks ago, I struggled to make the shift and tried desperately to work as normal whilst responding to the impending threat. It was exhausting and overwhelming. And made worse by the reports and images of the poor queuing for essentials to stave off hunger whilst the privileged stockpiled at the expense of their neighbour. And on top of it all, I had the anxiety of getting my son home from a high risk area…

But, things have settled and I am grateful: for our President, our country’s response, the NOAH team, our beneficiaries, our Management Board, our ability to move to digital and to begin to develop a new rhythm. And, of course, that Tom is home safely and symptom-free.

So, what has NOAH management been doing?

  • Developing and coordinating the implementation of the NOAH COVID-19 response to our beneficiaries (based on the expert information from sector partners, Board and team members);

  • Daily consideration and mitigation of risk with regular re-assessment of the new NOAH SOP’s and guidelines;

  • Interacting with our funders and donors;

  • Communicating with the public;

  • And all the while, praying that we are doing enough and that our oldies are safe and protected.

Stay safe everyone.

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