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Over 46 000 bowls of soup!

Since its inception in March 2021, the NOAH Woodstock Soup Kitchen has served over 46 372 meals to the community.

Through the sheer hard work of our members and the generous support of the Constantia Catholic Church (Our Lady of the Visitation) and the City of Cape Town, many hungry tummies have been filled and our members feel proud to be contributors – a win/win! As we move into the warmer Spring months, the soup kitchen will close and resume next Winter. Keep an eye out for the Autum soup appeal!

The great news is that the NOAH Khayelitsha Soup Kitchen was opened in June this year to service an increasing need in this impoverished area. Open 3 days a week, a hot cup of soup and tasty sandwich has been very welcome – especially during the school holidays. Like Woodstock, the Khayelitsha kitchen is run by our dedicated members who arrive in the early hours of the morning to start preparation. We are so grateful to them for their service!

How can you help?

Should you wish to donate ingredients/funds to this worthy cause please contact

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