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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Fairview House has a new name, there’s a new roof over our head and our technology is improving!

Father Ralph De Hahn has been a long-time incredibly loyal friend and supporter of NOAH . In December Fairview House in Woodstock was renamed Ralph de Hahn House. The blessing was a joyous occasion and we are extremely grateful to Father de Hahn for everything he continues to do for all of us at NOAH.

We are thrilled to announce that The Trestle Table has a long-awaited new roof. This is just in time for the winter rains and is such a relief! The new roof has provided additional height and light and will hopefully prevent the dreaded downpours that have plagued us for many years. One of our loyal volunteers suggested all staff need to wear wetsuits as their uniform.

We are grateful we will no longer have to consider this!

Recently installed audio-visual equipment at both of our centres, as well as computer training for all our steering committee members means that we’ve officially moved into the 21st century and we are connected with each other, wherever we are! We can view everything from TedTalks, archived content, youtube videos and the latest news.

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