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Support for diabetics

NOAH Health has been looking to assist our diabetics to better manage their blood sugar levels.

After one-to-one sessions with chronic sufferers, key challenges and insights were identified:

  • Lack of understanding of Diabetes and the risks caused by non-compliance (diet/medication)

  • Limited knowledge about medication and the importance of taking it regularly

  • Low literacy levels making Insulin administration challenging and potentially dangerous

  • Some members feel embarrassed to say that they don’t understand.

A clinic member shared that, because of her illiteracy, she could not interpret her blood sugar readings and did not know how to set her Insulin pen. A support system was put in place to teach her about the “numbers’’ and explain how to use the insulin pen and glucose meter. Slowly she gained confidence, and after six weeks of daily support, she was able to manage her daily insulin dose independently at home. This has significantly improved her quality of life.

Whilst individual mentoring is a successful way to assist members, it is not sustainable. The plan is to run a combination of group and individual work. Small groups will be formed as information-sharing platforms and safe spaces for members to ask questions. We look forward to sharing our findings in six months from now.

How you can help?

Donate towards this important NOAH Health initiative.

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