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The long-awaited outing!

In our last appeal we asked you, our generous donors, to contribute towards an outing for our most active Khayelitsha members. WOW, you did not disappoint us!

I am thrilled to say that on the 18th of February, 28 members had an outing they will never forget – with comfortable transport, a meal and entertainment!

Excitement mounted as they boarded the private bus from Khayelitsha and made their way to the Two Oceans Aquarium. They were met by the Aquarium staff who took them on an hour-long journey under the sea. For everybody, this was their first experience of the Aquarium, and the consensus was complete wonder and joy! This was followed by a delicious meal at a well-known fish restaurant and time walking around the Waterfront and harbour.

For many members this was their first time in a restaurant. Many had not had an outing of any sort for over four years. This experience was life-changing, gave hope and will be a cherished memory for a long time.

Thank YOU for making this happen.

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