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The magic of VULA

Since the hard lockdown early in 2020, government hospitals temporarily halted the services of many non-essential specialist clinics. This caused an impossible backlog in getting new referral and follow up appointments.

However, despite all the negative challenges experienced since the start of Covid-19, we had a breakthrough with the discovery of the new VULA app - a secure medical chat and patient referral platform.

It facilitates direct, quick contact with the on-call registrar or specialist at the specified clinic. The user inputs their personal and medical details and can attach a referral letter, blood results, scripts, and any other documentation. The turn-around time from the doctor on call is anything from a few minutes to an hour or two.

The patient’s condition is screened and assessed by a Q&A chat. The process is super-efficient and saves lengthy waiting periods for appointments and avoids the risk of patients being exposed to Covid.

As a great example, one of our NOAH clinic members has been battling to get an appointment at the Groote Schuur Cataract Clinic for almost two years. Our clinic doctor wrote and submitted a referral for the patient on the VULA app. Within three hours she had an appointment! Although she has not had her cataract operation yet, she is in the system and receiving the care she desperately needs. What a blessing.

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