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As you know, the Covid pandemic has threatened food security for thousands of people worldwide.

But from adversity comes opportunity and, whilst our NOAH residents never went hungry, this situation spurred us on to re-evaluate our food/meal model to see how we could do things better!

The result – veggie gardens!

We shifted the NOAH model from meal provision to the establishment of sustainable communal and household-led food gardens. This has seen the gradual transformation of available garden spaces at the Woodstock and Khayelitsha Centre premises and individual households into flourishing veggie gardens.

Plus, with the generous support of visionary donors and service providers, our members have not only been trained to grow and care for their vegetables, but also provided with all the necessary garden tools and implements.

The benefits of this project are already evident with residents now enjoying fresh, home grown veggies that provide nutritious and healthy meals, at a lower cost! What a blessing!

Here we share a collection of pictures from the training in Woodstock and Khayelitsha.

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