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Wash, Rinse, Play!

At NOAH, we are intent on safeguarding our members’ health and safety.

Senior citizens are very vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus. NOAH is in the very fortunate position to have Prof David Coetzee on our Board and his expertise in infectious diseases has proven incredibly valuable. Our aim is to prevent the spread of the disease and protect the elderly. Therefore, we shut down our centres and advise social isolation and distancing and extreme hygiene measures.

We believe that we all have a civic responsibility to slow the spread of this virus and our members want to play their part in fighting this pandemic and ‘pay it forward’.

To encourage regular hand washing in our children and grandchildren, we are super proud to announce that we will now be producing and selling pure glycerine soap with a small toy embedded in it. This encourages children to wash their hands more frequently as the more they wash, the quicker they reach the toy!

This is one of the many ways our social pensioners are making a contribution to our communities. Proceeds go to the soap makers and their families – so critical in this time of potential job losses and loss of income.

For each bar sold, we will donate a small NOAH upcycled soap to a child in our local communities.

Email to place your order. Thanks for your help!

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