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Social Enterprise Development

Social Enterprise Development (SED) makes a true difference.

  • It creates opportunities for social pensioners to generate additional monthly income for themselves and their families, and for social cohesion

  • It generates sustainable income for NOAH. An NPO’s ability to generate its own income has not only become necessary, but critical in a tough fiscal environment.

  • It changes perceptions in an ’anti-ageing’ world. Few people have a positive view on ageing and even less believe that social pensioners are able to make a contribution to society, let alone the economy. SED debunks this myth by helping social pensioners turn their lives around through income generation.


For information on our Social Enterprise Development projects or to place orders, please contact Jane at

Spaza Shop

The NOAH Spaza Shop provides bulk discounts on staple food items and non-perishable groceries such as rice, milk, porridge and oil to its members and the surrounding community in Khayelitsha. Airtime, electricity and payment of accounts via Flash is also offered at the Spaza. The SHOP is run by committed NOAH Club members who earn a commission on the sales they make.

Opening hours: 8am until 2pm, Monday to Friday.

The Clothing Bank supports unemployed women to eradicate poverty in their lives by empowering them so that they can become financially and socially independent. In partnership with The Clothing Bank, seven social pensioners sell high quality clothing and accessories to their communities and networks.


For more information, visit

Clothing Bank

The Woodstock Trestle Table and the Khayelitsha second-hand shop provides employment and income for social pensioners as well as affordable and quality items to the community. We use everything we receive. What we can’t sell we pass on to other charitable organisations and scrap dealers – a real community eco-system! NOAH also provides a free of charge clear-out service to small businesses.

Opening hours: 8am until 2pm, Monday to Friday.

Second-hand shops

Our team of NOAH bakers produce delicious bread, rolls and vetkoek in Khayelitsha and Woodstock daily. Freshly baked bread and rolls are available for sale throughout the week.

Opening hours: 8am until 2pm, Monday to Friday.


Jou Ma Se Kos sells delicious and affordable food. It also offers top class catering for events at competitive prices.

Opening hours: 8am until 2pm, Monday to Friday.

Jou Ma Se Kos

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